Google: August core algorithm update still rolling out

Google has given us an update on the big Google search algorithm update. It will take a few more days to fully roll out.

On Wednesday, Google said it had begun rolling out a broad core algorithm update for search results. Today, we learned that the update is still rolling out and will continue to roll out, likely until sometime next week.

This algorithm update seems to be a more significant update, based on many of the metrics we are tracking. Google’s aim with these updates is to improve the overall quality of the search results provided to searchers. Google’s current advice on this update is that webmasters do not need to make any technical changes to their websites. In fact, the company said “no fix” is required and that it is aimed at promoting sites that were once undervalued. Google has said that you should continue to look ways at making your overall website better and provide even better-quality content and experiences to your website visitors.

So give this a few more days to fully roll out and see how the dust settles for your website’s ranking in Google.

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